Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking Shots While Driving

This week's photo for Metropolitan Magic and Country Charm was a tough one.  We needed a photo of transportation: getting from place to place-- from the inside.

Now I can imagine Alicia photographing her subway car and fellow passengers.  I can also imagine her jumping in a taxi and getting a shot of a cabbie or a cab interior. 

My main mode of transportation from work has been my own two feet lately.  (Yes, the parking situation at Trailer High is that serious!)  Unless it is really rainy or icy, I'm walking.  I free up only one parking space, but it is one parking space and every one counts these days!

Because I'm walking, I've been hunting a pair of rain/snow/mud boots.  The girls at school all have these adorable ones:  plaid, pink, purple, and polka dotted.  Somehow, I can't see myself in those. I won't be wearing them all day:  just at lunch time and when I am walking home. They just need to be easy to slip on and great for walking.

I decided to hit up the local farm store.  They sell practical, comfortable boots to farmers and ranchers.  (See Dad, I did pay attention when you forced me into those stores as a kid.)

I tried on a pair of these!  They were absolutely wonderful, and I would have snapped them up.  Unfortunately, I looked at the price tag:  $89.00.  Yeah, that wasn't happening.  I am still bootless.  I'm trying to psyche myself up to get back out there and do some more hunting. (Shopping for boots isn't all that much fun!) 

But, back to my transportation photo.  Part of the dilemma came from the fact that the only time I was in my filthy, dirty car this week-- I was the one driving.  I tried shots of the interior.  They looked like a car advertisement.  I tried shots of my side mirrors.  The mirrors are fairly mud splashed, so those photos were less than spectacular.

Finally, I gave up and did the unthinkable.  I used my little Nikkon Coolpix and took shots while I was driving down the road.  If  you think texting and driving is dangerous...well, I'm sure they don't recommend this either.  (Shhhhh!  Don't tell the Mr. or the daughters!  No one will trust me with the car keys again.  I don't need to be frisked for a camera every time before I get behind the wheel!)

I finally got a photo that would do.  You can visit today's other post to see what Alicia and I each chose.  It has been fun and challenging to shoot the subject, and just plain challenging to meet the deadline!

My guess is that the Mr. is seriously considering those $89.00 boots about right now.  I'm less dangerous on foot.  (I need a man's size 6, dear!)

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puna said...

You were driving! Tsk Tsk. And mrs. e, it really sounds like you need the boots. Please get them.

Murphy said...

You know Mrs. E ... Yikes, I have not said that in a long time. I can send you some nice boots from Tokyo. We have some really crazy designs here. They are cute and I can have them to you in a couple days. Or just stop off at Boyd's and pick up a nice pair. They will take care of you.

Gayle said...

Oh, boy, we need to tell on you to the mr. so you don't shoot and drive anymore! I think you should get the boots. They look like they'd last forever so the $89 isn't too bad.

Kitty M said...

Oh I just love wellingtons! My friend once went to the Glastonbury Festival (the year everybody got swept away in the rain) he had bought a pair of wellies in advance of the festival and in a hurry and unbeknowns to him he had bought two left feet :-) He struggled through the whole festival in these boots (I am laughing away to myself as I type this) I'm really not sure why he didnt just buy another pair, but wellies always make me think of this story :-)

Debbie said...

Wellies are a important in our country - save you from snake bites. I think you should get the boots.

joyce said...

The only thing that the boots are missing is some pink tim instead of that army green! And you could always give them to your girls as an art project do decorate up!
I so know what you mean about driving with your camera, sometimes I read my mail while driving, if you want to be specific, its not against the law. Neither is applying make-up by the way! (Try explaining that to some humourless cop!)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Thanks for giving me a hearty laugh tonight! You have such a way with words Mrs. E.

Alicia said...

Ok... I have to keep in mind the safety of our photo challenges :) I could have been held responsible (don't tell that it was my idea and week to choose!! ;)

I think you should get some boots too -- I want hunter rain boots, but they are even more expensive than those ones... I understand the walking, and it is really ridiculous to live in this city and walk in ALL weather without a good pair of boots. And your conditions definitely require a good pair of boots!!