Thursday, January 14, 2010

180's: Was Lost But Now Am Found

Hats are not my thing.  I have a big head.  (And probably in more ways than one!)  The circumference of my head is big.  Hats don't fit me.  They pop up like corks no matter how tight I pull them down. Those cute baseball caps?  Nope.  My ears sit too high on my head, so in order for the hat to go low enough to stay on--my ears have to be somewhat inside the cap.  You could say I'm the head mess!

The one hat that does fit is a stocking cap, but they ruin my hair.  Ear muffs have always looked goofy to me. 

Then I discovered 180's.  They are a-mazing!

These are ear muffs, but go behind your head instead of over the top of it.  They have a little hinge like mechanism in them that makes them grip, but also allows you to fold them.  I wear them like a cuff bracelet when I go inside for a bit.  When I'm wearing them, they go under my hair--and you can't see them.  And warm...!  180's are just the best.

So imagine my frustration when I misplaced lost them before Christmas.  I was fearful they had been stolen because they are so wonderful!  (Not really, but it sounds good.)  All during that cold snap and snow--no 180's.  I dug through the closet, my purse, even my school bag.  No luck.

Tuesday, I was looking for something else in my school computer bag and voila!  My 180's were in a pocket right where I had left them.  I had a little celebration on the spot.  It was pretty cold walking home from school that day, but I didn't even notice it thanks to warm ears!

I'd like to say this was the first time my 180's have gone missing.  I can't lie.  Last year I lost them for about a week.  I searched.  And searched.  And searched.  Any idea where I found them?

My colleague and trailer buddy found them wrapped around the outside passenger door handle of her car.  I had probably dropped them on my way into school between our two cars.  Someone must have found them, thought that they were my colleague's, and hooked them to her door so she would find them.  Since she doesn't use that door when she drives her 12 mile round trip, we have no idea how long they had been hanging there!  Probably a couple of days.  Good grief!

180's are the perfect solution for the hat challenged!  You'd think I'd take better care of them!

This post is not a paid advertisement for 180's--though they should feel free to send me money.
Top Photo:  Google Image Search


puna said...

That's one of those things that would definitely be missed as soon as you walk out the door! And they should send you money.

Debbie said...

I've never heard of them. But I sure could have used one back in December when some friends and I were taking in the activities on the streets of Old St. Charles. We finally went to a store and bought sock hats. FYI....I'm not a hat person, either. Thanks for the heads up on the 180s.

Steve Gravano said...

I lost my hat a couple of days a go and I'm going crazy. I know it's in the house somewhere. My wife handed it to me and said, "put this away." So I did. Where?
If they don't sent you money they should send you a second set of 180's for the nice plug.

joyce said...

Wjat a cool concept! (Or should I say warm?) But, if I were you, I'd want to buy about 10 pairs so theydon't get lost. I'm like that with scissors. I told my husband he could just fill my stocking this year with scissors.

Dandy said...

I've never seen anything like that before. I like them! Though I don't know what I would do with them in So Cal :)

Debbie said...

I have never heard of them. What a great idea. I am glad you have found something that works for you. Being in summer now, it worries me that you do not have a sun hat. You will always have to remember the sun block x

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

I am so tempted to buy a pair right now! My hair is too curly and prone to hair catastophe for me to wear a hat. (Well, I can wear fitted ballcaps, but that's it.) SO, it sounds like I neeeeeed some.

Also, tell the Mr. to buy you an emergency back-up pair for your stocking next year!