Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Olympics

I've been practicing my Olympic events: Wii Ski Jump, Speed Reading, and Pairs Figuring the Checkbook.  I am a gold medalist in first two and failed to make the finals in the 3rd.  When I'm on the medal stand, I think I want to sing "O Canada."  I like that song. It's in my vocal range, which is somewhere between tenor and alto.  (I'm a train wreck on the "Star Spangled Banner.")

Seriously, it is time for my training to begin.  If the snow and ice will call it a winter, I need to get back to my morning run.  My goal is modest:  the 2 mile fun run on St. Paddy's Day.  No medals.  No ribbons.  I pay for the race T-shirt. I'll feel like I've won the gold if I can finish the race without walking.   

I've been thinking of a t-shirt I can design for race day.  I'm torn between "My mascara runs faster than I do," and "I've had a stroke, what's your excuse?"  Feel free to vote for a favorite or leave me another slogan to consider. 

Let the games begin!


Steve Gravano said...

Walking or running are both exercise. To quote Nike,"Just Do It." Have a great Valentine's Day!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

Haha! I don't know about the stroke slogan. You might end up with a bunch of people telling you their medical problems and how they're worse off than you!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Glad your weather is finally cooperating with you! Hope it doesn't ice again - at least not until after St. Paddy's Day. :) Thanks for the inspiration - I have a wicked upper respiratory infection and I needed a reason to get out there and run tonight!