Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Pot of Gold- Rainbow #3

I told you I love this song.  I always have.  It is a classic. Thank you, Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz! Ever since the tornado hit Tiny Town, this song means just a little bit more to me. 

This is the last version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that I will share with you...maybe! Here is  Eva Cassidy doing her own arrangement of the song and accompanying herself on the acoustic guitar.  She is amazing.  I didn't hear Cassidy sing until after her untimely death from melanoma.  She was a talented, talented musician.

Yes, I'm crying listening to it. The last half of that song always gets to me.  I hope Iz and Eva are somewhere over the rainbow together.  And I hope we all get to join them someday. If they are doing a concert--I'd like a front row seat.

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Steve Gravano said...

I was introduced to Eva Cassidy's music after her death also, she had an incredible voice.