Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday's List- Doggie Lore

This week's list:  All things puppy related
Names rejected:
King George
Rufus - almost a winner
Franklin- 1st Runner Up

Meet Baxter aka Mr. B
Birthday:  January 6th, 2010
Came to live on Easy Street:  February 26, 2010
Mix: Shih tzu and Poodle
Size: Little
Favorites:  Sleeping (my kind of dog!)

Yep, the little furball sleeps.
Favorite sleeping spots:  my lap our bed. (All the makings of a disaster, I know.)
Number of accidents:  none!  Of course, we're only 12 hours in.
Number of minutes spent in his kennel:  almost one.  Yeah, Baxter needs to be housebroken and quickly!

PS.  I finished Week 4 of Couch Potato to 5K.  This morning was much easier than on Thursday morning. And it was 22 degrees--heat wave!  On to week 5.


Puna said...

OMG! He is absolutely ADORABLE! The name is so cute! I want to hug him. I am looking forward to many photos of him!

Debbie said...

Oh! How cute! Things to remember: The first year you will wonder why you ever wanted a dog. But then he'll love you so much, you'll forgive him of his puppiness. Before you know it, he'll be trained and will be a perfect fit for your family. But there will be a few accidents and a few chewed up personal possessions along the way. But hang in there. It'll be well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Yep - Baxter is a good name for that darling little ball of fur! To cute! Have fun (?) !

Gayle said...

He's so cute! I can't believe how tiny he is! Very cute name, too.

Alicia said...

I have complete and total puppy envy right now!! I want one!! I decided that the next apartment we live in will have to allow puppies and we'll just hire a dog walker to take him out during the days!

He's just so darn cute and the name is seriously perfect!!!

PS: I joined your for Saturday's List over at my blog :)

2Thinks said...

So cute! Accidents = 0 (I'm trying not to laugh) If anyone can train a puppy and get away with 0 accidents over the duration of the training- it's a teacher. Do you have the book on that?

I.T.ologist is one of the best guys in the history of the world. You're right about that. It took just over 24 hours, but we worked it out- as we always do. Most ironic part of the whole thing- I majored in Communication in college! HaaahaaahaWAhhhWaahhhh! Yes. I got the degree to prove it.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

OK ~ it official now, I am in love with Baxter!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I love little Baxter! You are just killing me - my resolve to maybe not get a dog is kinda crumbling.

And I am so impressed that you are getting out there and running! If I had started training in the winter, I don't think I could have stuck with it. Keep going!!

puna said...

Oh he's so adorable! He's a little fur ball. What a cute guy!