Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's List- Little Things I Hate

Today's List:  Little Things I Hate
  1. Oversleeping-  the whole day seems out of kilter
  2. When I pull on jeans right out of the dryer- love the warm fabric- hate the metal rivets that burn!
  3. Flat tires 
  4. When I'm on the verge of sneezing--and can't
  5. Parents who ignore their screaming children
  6. Stubbing my toe
  7. Clutter-especially on my messy desks (home and school)
  8. Talking on the phone- a phobia left over from childhood
  9. Dentists- the drill, the cleaning, and especially the bill
  10. Staples commercials "WOW! THAT'S A GREAT PRICE!"
  11. Paper cuts  
  12. Bad hair days
  13. Stray socks- where does that mate go?
  14. Stacks of paper- mail, bills, papers to grade, handouts-argh!
  15. 24 hour news shows beating a story to death to fill time
  16. Static electricity
It's not the big things that drive us over the edge.  For the big things we straighten our shoulders, grit our teeth, and soldier through.  It's the little things that weigh us down and send us screaming into the streets. Better get your list started!
(This from a woman who burns her stomach on jean rivets and is drowning in paper!) 
Happy Saturday! 


Gayle said...

This is a perfect list of dislikes! That Staples commercial makes me want to throw something at the tv!

Janean said...

oh my gosh we were separated at birth.... seriously!

may i add, "people who are dieting and tell you every single thing they ate that day in detail?

(running into the snowy streets screaming) lol.