Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Week, Easter Memories

Easter Week is short.  In fact, I will only be in class two days.  Monday and Wednesday, the English Department is grading District Writing Assessments.  (They hire substitutes, and we grade all the high school writings in two days.)  Tuesday and Thursday, I will be in class.  Good Friday, there is no school.

Yesterday, the girls and CT came by for an early birthday celebration.  We had beautiful weather.  In fact, Baxter got to spend most of the afternoon outside while we cleaned up the grill, dusted off the lawn furniture, and enjoyed the 60 degree temperatures.  When the kids arrived, we grilled for the first time this year. And that is a sure sign of spring! 

Easter Memories:

New clothes, sunrise services, Mom's hot cross buns, malted Robin Eggs, stuffed bunnies, Easter Baskets, that green plastic grass, jelly beans, Easter bonnets, white gloves, a pink coin purse, dyeing eggs, the movies The Ten Commandments and The Sound of Music, frosted rabbit cookies,  and the songs "The Old Rugged Cross" and "He Arose."   I often wonder if these are other people's memories of Easter or just mine.


Mary said...

Most of those are memories of mine as well, along with ham & deviled eggs! :D

Dandy said...

My mom and I were just talking about Easter bonnets and white gloves. Growing up I was in them every year.

My parents still make s an Easter basket with green plastic grass, malted robins eggs and jelly beans. :)

I'm spoiled like that.

Anonymous said...

Collette, can't you just hear Uncle David singing "He Arose" in your memories. I sure can!
Have a good week!
cousin Mary

Gayle said...

When I was little my mom and I always wore bonnets on Easter! I had forgotten, thank you for the memory!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I definitely am a Sound of Music fan. Even though I've owned it forever, I still watch it on TV every year!