Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just a couple of things

My run yesterday was....not fun.  It was 39 degrees yesterday with wind.  My Ipod died before the race started, so I ran music-less.  I wore a fleece that overheated me 3/4 of a mile in.  At about the end of the 1st mile, someone was barbequeing and the smell put my gag reflex into overdrive.  I walked and ran the final mile, fighting nausea most of the way.  The last block to the finish line had that BBQ smell again, and I wanted to clamp a hand over my mouth. 

My time was dreadful, but I could peel off the fleece and cool down a bit.  Poor K. Who knew she would have to spend so much time talking her old mom through the end of that "fun" run?  So, what do the Mr., K, and CT order after the race:  BBQ.  Ugh.  I tried not to look at it.  I actually fought nausea all afternoon and evening, so maybe I had a touch of something. 

Sad that I'm even thinking this already, but there is another race on April 10th in a nearby town.  They have a marathon, half-marathon, 10 K, and 5 K.  I am going to register for the 5 K.  I'm also going to repeat week 6 of Couch Potato to 5 K and finish the training for the 5 K before then.  We'll see how that goes. 

K is lucking out on this one, as she and her half marathon friends are supposed to run a competitive 10 K that weekend. So we'll all be at the same race, but she won't have to run with me.  I run by myself every day, so I prefer it that way.  Now if I could find a race to run while it is still dark, I'd love it.  Darkness at 5:00 AM is my favorite time to run. Oh, and the Ipod will be charged and I will peel layers as I go.

Is anyone else in blog land getting comments written in characters?  Weird.  It isn't like I can read what they say.  If it is Ed McMahon telling me I've won a million dollars, I'm going to be mad I missed it.  I just keep rejecting the comments.  I hope it isn't hate mail!   Oh, wait a second!  I don't care.  I can't read it!


Gayle said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad day on Fun Run day. But, it's great that you're looking forward and registering for the 5k!

I get those weird spam comments sometimes. My spam filter catches them.

Shannon said...

Oh bless your heart - but I am taking notes on what to do and what not to do for a run. I am on week 5 this week and that means I do the two mile run at the end of this week too. I am scared, but have been happy with how things are going so far. I wouldn't be able to function without my ipod - it is my happy place. : )Good luck with the next one!

Hays Family 5 said...

Sorry about the lack of fun run. I felt sick just reading about the whole thing.

Those comments you are describing are what I thought was spam--maybe it isn't. Maybe it is Ed McMahon telling me I won a sweepstakes!

Have a wonderful Sunday!! We are eagerly anticipating the Selection Sunday--even though we know that OUR team is an overall number one seed. Just sayin'.

Debbie said...

If Ed McMahon is sending you messages...I think I WOULD delete them very quickly.LOL! Anyway, I admire your determination and perserverance with the running. I, however, will be cheering you on in the comfort of my computer chair.

Mrs. E said...

They might be psychic messages from Ed McMahon and then I could alert National Enquirer!!

ELK said...

you persevered and that was the goal...i am so proud you made it!

delete it it is spam!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Aw, I'm sorry the weather and the iPod gods didn't cooperate. But way to get back on the race route! There's a 5K Zoo Run in April that I would LOVE to run, but we have birthday parties every weekend until the end of April. Gotta love those spring babies! I'll be cheering you on - you are going to kick butt!