Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fur Ball No More

Today is the last day of fur ball Baxter for awhile.  He is going in for a trim tomorrow.  I hate to do it, but he has managed to pick up every seed and sticker in the neighborhood.  An evening brush has turned into an ordeal.  It takes an hour to free him of foreign objects.  Brushing would be a lot more fun if Baxter didn't try to bite the brush with every stroke.  He owns the brush, and he isn't afraid to fight for it. 

I'm finally giving in to the need for a trim; however, I'm so used to the fur ball that I'm a little worried what he will look like after his trip to the groomer. 

Last week when I called the groomer to set up this appointment, she was booked for a week.  She was willing to make time to trim his nails on the day I called.  I think the fact that Baxter was getting stuck in our carpet made her take pity on poor Mr. B.  Anyway, tomorrow is the full treatment.

Pictures will be posted.  And I'll let you know if the groomer survives.  She's going to earn her money!


Mary said...

OMG he is just too cute! Can't wait to see what he looks like after the grooming! When our schnauzer's nails get caught on the rugs, we say she has "velcro toes"!

Steve Gravano said...

I'm sure he'll be cute with his hair cut.

Gayle said...

Oh, the look on his face is so funny! Yes, I think the groomer is going to have her hands full with Mr. B! Can't wait to see his "after" photos!

SEB said...

Where are you taking him?

ch said...

Oooo...I do hope he gets a fancy bandana. Barney is always horrified by his haircuts. Regardless of the style. After a cut, he refuses to leave the house unless under cover of darkness. If he wants to check on the neighborhood, he props his head in the doorway, but refuses to allow anything below his neck to leave the house. Oh, the neurosis. Something tells me B will be quite confident and proud to show off his new 'do. Can't WAIT to see him!