Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday's List- April Loves and Minor Irritants

What I Love About April:

1.  Leaves on the trees again which leads to...
2.  The return of the birds--lots of fat robins
3.  Daffodils and Jonquils in bloom
4.  The last inservice of the school year- Yaa-hooo!
5.  Warm days and cool nights
6.  Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and sunsets
7.  Planting vegetables and flowers
8.  Dragging out the hoses for watering again
9.  Putting the fire ring to work- s'mores!
10. Cleaning out the camper for another season

This was my perk this week:
I managed to go into the construction site and the inside of two English classrooms in our new school.  There will be a dividing wall in there somewhere.  This warm weather has meant that our construction crews are racing on with the rebuilding.  Pretty exciting!  (I had to sneak in there after hours.  In case anyone asks, let's just say I was wearing a hard hat!)

And now for the minor irritants:
1.  I hate the smell of the deodorizer that the Target stores use in their restrooms.  Licorice?  Seriously?  Just what I want:  a bathroom that smells like black licorice.

2. Shaving my legs.  With the warm weather, shorts and capris make their appearance again.  And that means shaving my legs regularly.  Darn it!

3. Sunscreen.  I purchased a very average size bottle today for $7.95.  My regular body lotion only costs about $5.00 and is twice the size.  Everyone knows how important it is to wear sunscreen, but is it really affordable for everyone? 

OK.  Complaining over.  I'm heading out to enjoy this lovely weather, and then there are some boiled eggs begging to be dyed.  Happy Easter


Mary said...

I'm with you on everything: likes & complaints! We don't have a camper, but we've been talking about getting one, especially since they're practically giving them away right now! I know you're really excited about getting out of that trailer and into a "real classroom"! Hope the weather cooperates!
Have a Wonderful Easter!

Hays Family 5 said...

I hate the smell of WalMart's bathrooms more. Ick. What is it they use that makes it stink so badly?

And what is up with the cost of sunscreen?

We were in Tiny Town for the track meet on Thursday and were very excited to see the progress on your building. My kids wondered where your room would be?? We were at the district gym, so maybe that isn't your building?? My son took a really cool pic of the construction at sunset. Go here to see it...loganhaysdotblogspotdotcom.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I'm still laughing... Love both of your lists! It was such a great feeling to sit out on the back deck and watch nature give birth to Spring this week! Good to see the progress on your school too. Have the puddles dried up yet? Happy Easter Friend!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Can I add spring allergies to the list? I take Advair in the morning, Zyrtec at night and otc allergy stuff during the day as needed (yes, it's all supervised by my asthma & allergy specialist - don't turn me in to the feds!). I love when the world turns green and happy again, but the process kills me!