Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday's List- What I Should Be Doing

This is a list of what I should/could be doing this Saturday:

*Grading papers.  Yeah, I'm still working my way through them.
*Dusting.  Serioulsy, some furniture has a slight grayish cast. 
*Writing Lesson Plans for my sub on Monday.
*Catching up on blog reading. (I'm going through withdrawl!!)
*Grading papers. They really aren't going away.
*Doing laundry.
*Digging out the office.
*Grading those darn papers. 

What I am doing:

*Going for a run. It has rained almost 3 inches in two days.  I am behind on my running.

*Tracking K during the Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon via text messages.  (The weather is supposed to be terrible:  thunderstorms, hail, and possible tornadoes.  Yeah, we seem to be tornado magnets.) I'll be glad when I get the message that she has crossed the finish line.

*Co-hosting a baby shower for K's good friend M.  I wrote about her here.  She's expecting a little girl this summer.  K was so disappointed to have to miss.  Bad scheduling. Way to go, Mom.  Drat!

Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure this afternoon I am grading papers.  *sigh*  I'd rather be reading my book (The Thirteenth Tale) or watching a good movie.  But nooooo...hand me the stinking red ink pen.


Paula said...

The only reason I don't have the same dratted papers is that we had testing this week, and for once, I'm caught up. Still have those dang lesson plans to do though. Enjoy your Saturday!

ch said...

I didn't know M was expecting! Hug her for me and have the best day!!!

puna said...

You know what? I'd rather go for a run than grade papers too!

Kim said...

My daughter ran in the Nashville 1/2 marathon last year while a dietetics intern at Vanderbilt. It's a small world! She loved Nashville (and we liked to visit!)

Gayle said...

I hope the weather held out for K's half marathon. Did you finish your paper grading?

I tagged you for a fun game on my blog. Hope you decide to play along!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I've heard good things about that book - let me know what you think!

And - awwww - baby showers! Almost as much fun as holding the new baby. :)

Tell K I'm super-impressed! Way to go!!