Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Time of Year

Just that time of year:

*Income Tax Day.  It  is hard on the checkbook. As usual.  *sigh*

*I am scrambling to get the ordering done for the next school year.  All orders are due today.

*The wind is gusting.  I'm used to that normally, but the construction zone I teach in means flying dirt and debri.  It is hard on the eyes.  We're considering wearing safety glasses to walk around Trailer High.

*Prom is this weekend.  The kids sure are wild excited.  School is the last thing on their minds.

*Between spring sports, spring activities, and field trips, the classrooms are empty and the make-up work is never ending. 

*The sale of Claritin is sky-rocketing.  Allergies are in full swing.  I'm thankful for the students who decide to use tissues.  I hate to embarrass them by handing them one, but I also hate to hear them sniffling. (And that is a polite term for what they are doing!)

*Countdowns have begun all over Trailer High.  There aren't many days left in this school year.  The trick is to keep them working until the end. 

Yeah, wish me luck with that!


Mary said...

And that pretty much sums up this time of year! Have a good one!

Kim said...

If only I had stock in whatever companies make allergy medicines, then I could use the proceeds to pay my taxes (but as self-employed people, we had to pay February 28 - bah humbug!) Have a good one!

Gayle said...

Prom! How exciting!

joyce said...

Income tax time...uuuggghh. Do you think they purposely do it in the spring, so that we don't mind so much because we're all in feelgood moods? It doesn't work.
Prom already? Wow...ours isn't until the end of May.
Sounds like your organizational skills are in demand this week!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Take it one, one, one happy thought at a time! If that doesn't work, make pasta for dinner. Never fails to cheer me up. :)

puna said...

Isn't there a saying about 90% perspiration and all that? You can use that on the students! Oh, and I thought you were handing them Claritin rather than tissues...