Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Easter Weekend

Sunny days and cool evenings made for a beautiful Easter weekend.  Then the Mr. and I got to enjoy some of our favorite company:  K and CT and L and CG.  Even Baxter had company:  Khalie the black lab.

There is just a bit of a difference in size between the dogs.  Not that size stopped Baxter.  He teased her.  She teased him.  He stole her food.  She took his bone and dropped it where Baxter was too afraid to get it.  Walks were painful.  A little tiny dog insisted on trying to walk in between the lab's legs.  Leashes were tangled.  They drove each other crazy.  And then, Baxter would try to get under Khalie's chin, and Khalie would take her paw and pat Baxter on the head.  It was the sweetest thing.

Of course, there was egg dyeing:
Not all parties were that excited about it.  Napping was a favorite activity, but notice who has to join in.
Everyone had at least one egg, even Baxter the Biter and Khalie.

The fire ring was put to good use two nights in a row.  S'mores were on the menu.  Blankets and sweaters weren't optional but necessary.

There were rematches of Skipbo games.  Baxter tried to join, but he was absolutely no help.  Mainly, he was good at eating the cards.
L and CG before church on Easter Sunday.
K and CT.  Thankfully the ears didn't go to church with us.  The Easter Bunny must have left them when he put in his appearance.
Any weekend that the girls are home is a good weekend.

When the kids left, the Mr. and I made a trip out to the farm.  There is nothing like these early spring days in the country.  It was a pretty terrific weekend from beginning to end.  My wonderful weekend came to an abrupt halt today: I am headed off to inservice. I am trying to enjoy the fact that this is the last one of this school year.  Gosh, that almost makes me want to go...



margie said...

glad you had a good weekend!!! the weather was spectacular.

Mary said...

What a great weekend! That Baxter just makes me smile! Inservices are almost like a day off...wouldn't work be perfect if the kids weren't there? :D

Gayle said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I love the photo of you and your girls. The three of you could be sisters!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! What a fun weekend filled with family. :)

Puna said...

It looked like a wonderful Easter celebration mrs e! And I can't tell you apart from your girls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Aunt Shirley wanted to say--You are almost "Three Peas in a Pod"!!!