Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday's List- The Best of the Cousin's Camp Out

I am enjoying my relatives on camp out weekend.  These are the things I love:

*the little kids who are so excited to be camping
*summer beers
*a community camp fire and the pyros who keep it going
*a port-a-potty instead of an outhouse
*jackets and sweaters after dark
*hot dog roasts
*the creek
*coyotes and inside jokes (sorry, Auntie!)
*morning breakfast chefs
*camp fire coffee
*a shower after being so filthy
*looking for the big dipper
*lots of time for catching up
*hikes to the cave, the springs, or Hank's cabin
*knowing how much Grandma would have loved this crowd gathering at the old home place
(though Grandad might have grumbled a bit!!)

The country road I am enjoying this weekend:
All roads lead home.


Steve Gravano said...

Enjoy, it sounds like a blast!

Mary said...

LOVE it! Hope your having a good time, but, if your family is anything like mine, I know you are!

Anonymous said...

are you being mean to your Auntie Clarice?????

B. Meandering said...

Sounds wonderful. My husband is at our lake place waiting for me to join him. But unlike you, ours will be a quiet time---I always need that as the end of the school year wraps up.