Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday's List- The Magic of May

Things I love about May:

*The May baskets and Maypoles of my childhood
*Peonies-- probably my favorite flower
*Mother's Day
*The Cousins Camp Out Weekend
*The last days of school
*Memorial Day Services at the Cemetery
*Blockbuster movies in the theater
*Putting the flower and vegetable gardens in
*Shorts and flip flops
*The sounds coming from the ball fields
*Seeing the evening streets full of adults out for a stroll and kids on bicycles
*Warm days and cool evenings
*Pomp and Circumstance

Happy May Day!  Happy May!


Mary said...

What a great list! Especially the "last days of school"!

B. Meandering said...

I have my flip flops on and plan to work out in the yard, weeding, cleaning, and planting(not in flip flops though. Yes, May is a great month for that.
I'd forgotten about the Maypole until you mentioned it. I remember the dress my mom made me for my high school's Maypole celebration. I forget what year we had to be in high school to participate or perhaps it was a club? But I loved it!
Mother's Day---not so much, although it's gotten better now that my daughter is a mother. I miss my own mother very much and still mist up a little when I see the section of cards I can no longer buy.

I finally read your blog about To Kill a Mockingbird. I didn't realize you were teaching it too ---I wondered how you came upon that particular quote--der!
My kids are loving it too. There are a few hold-outs, but overall the response is great.
I like the idea of your trial assignment.

FlowerLady said...

Happy May Day to you. It's hard to believe it's the end of another school year. I'm sure you are looking forward to summer vacation.

Thanks for visiting my other blog A Treasure Garden, I've not been there lately, that's why you haven't seen me. FlowerLady's Musings is my main blog. Thanks for asking about me.

Wishing you a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady