Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Spirit Lives On

Last night I saw quite a few former students. They gather one weekend every year to remember a classmate, Scott.  I wrote about it here last year. 

It rained all day yesterday for the softball tournament.  That didn't stop them.  Today is the golf tournament. It is misting. I doubt that will stop them either. They open their wallets and their hearts to fund the scholarship and then have a great time playing together in Scott's memory. 

This year four graduating seniors won a $500 scholarship in Scott's name.  All of them are planning to attend post high school training.  All are charming, funny, fun people.  They love people and life.  They remind me a lot of Scott. 

How great is it that Scott's life is still celebrated?  Trust me when I say that he would have loved this weekend as much as anyone.  His family and friends have found a great way to honor his life--in a way that would have made Scott proud.  His spirit lives on.  Who could ask for anything more than that?

"I believe love is stronger than death."  Robert Fulghum


Mary said...

What a great way to remember a classmate. So glad it continues.

Anonymous said...

Great post Mrs. E! You do an amazing job of putting it all to words! I was unable to make it this year, but not a good time was had by all! Thanks for writing about it!~~~Nancy Brockmeier

Anonymous said...

Mrs. E...Thank you so much....It was a great weekend. I believe its the biggest tournament we have had yet. Shona Grossoehme

gayle said...

You live is such a warm and caring community, mrs. e. You must feel very proud of the people in it!