Monday, June 7, 2010

Fast Draw- My Kind of News

Everything about the oil spill in the gulf has made me sick.  I kept thinking that our country would be smart enough not to drill in the ocean.  An accident like this was bound to happen at some point.  If we destroy our oceans, well... I don't want to think of the consequences.

And yet, this Fast Draw yesterday on the CBS Sunday Morning News Show made it clear whose fault it is that we are in this mess.  (And it has little to do with the "Drill Baby Drill" mentality of our politicians.) 

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I love these two guys.  First of all, I have not a stitch of artistic ability.  I envy their 'fast draw' abilities.  I can actually tell what it is when they draw!

Then, they always leave me something to think about. 

How sad is it that I prefer their one minute "cartoons" to almost any news show?  And don't get me started on the 24 hour news channels!

If you've never tuned in to the CBS Sunday Morning News, you're missing a treat.  Sometimes, it's the only news I watch on television.  I always learn something, and it never leaves me depressed or angry--just enlightened. 

Who knew that Broadway has a new show called "American Idiot" which is based on an album by Green Day?  (I learned that yesterday on the show!)  Seems rather apropos.

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A said...

I want to see that Broadway show... I heard about it a while back... Sounds like it would be fun!