Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday List- The Week That Was

This was my week:

*I worked at the pool two days.  (It was the perfect work schedule!)

*Even with sunscreen, I have a pink glow to the legs.  I sit in the shade.  Only the fronts of my legs are pink.  Reflection off the water while I'm cleaning?!! Now, I need a bit of color on the flip side.  My legs look weird.

*I read Janet Evanovich's "Plum Spooky" and Kathryn Stockett's "The Help." And I promised the Mr. I wouldn't start a book on Friday, his day off.  I guess he'd like for me to answer questions and talk to him once in awhile.  Who knew?

*I planted my flowers out front.  Then I couldn't breathe during the night and slept in the recliner.  What is the pollen count?  *sigh*

*I ran a mile yesterday morning.  My first day back at it since the fall I took on May 6th.  All of my medical tests were fine.  I take that as a sign that I am good to go.

*After I ran, I couldn't breathe most of the morning.  Pass the Claritin.  *double sigh*

*I finally watched "The Blind Side."  It was a four kleenex movie, but all those tears emptied my sinuses.  I can breathe again. I think I'm on to something here.

*I shopped at a consignment store and found a cute dress for $6.00.  I love a bargain.  I'm not sure it has been worn before.
*Today is garage sale day in Tiny Town.  Travel is scary.  Most streets are full of cars parked poorly.  I'd ride my bike, but that is scary, too.  Bargain hunters don't pay much attention to driving. They are too busy looking for the next sale.

*Baxter is learning not to bite.  A squirt in the face from a spray bottle of water seems to be working.  (At least he is afraid of the bottle now.)

*Have I mentioned that Baxter discovered a new treat?  Pigs ears.  One of the cousins had one for her dog at the reunion and Baxter claimed ownership.  We bought him his own when we got home and he has spent the entire week enjoying that thing.  (Though it is rather disgusting looking.)  Is it real pig?  I don't know.  I don't want to know.  All I know is that it has kept him busy.

*Today I am headed to a funeral and a wedding.  Two former students are getting married.  They are good kids.  One of the perks of being a teacher is when two great students start a new home together.  As for the funeral-- remember me telling you about the senior boy whose Mom had died last fall?  When he was the speaker at graduation, his dad was in the hospital.  Dad died this week.  I can't imagine being 18 and losing both of your parents.  My heart breaks for him and for his big brothers.

*I'm also catching up on blogs and starting a new book.  Shhh.....don't tell the Mr.  I'll let him be surprised tonight when he gets home.  Surprised?  Yeah right!

It may be vacation, but it has been a hectic week.  I'm still waiting on the slower pace.


Anonymous said...

Cousin you use a netti pot? You might give it a try is sure helps me and my sinus issues; TONS of people I know use them too; it's GREAT!! LOve ya, Dobby!!!

Mary said...

Both excellent books, and an excellent movie to boot!
Pigs' least they're keeping Baxter busy...don't think about if they really are pigs' ears or not. At least he's not chewing on the furniture!

Hays Family 5 said...

Mrs. E....that netti pot thing could work. And how was that Evanovich book? Did you love it?

Kim said...

I can't be without a book, even if I don't get to read anytime other than bedtime. I loved The Blind Side. I watched it twice, and I never do that (when the kids were little we watched plenty of movies again and again. Now? Not so much!) I love consignment shops and bargains (even though my daughter turns up her nose at the thought!) As a country girl, I am not an expert on garage sales. I'm glad to hear you are back in commission and the tests came out fine. I don't really know you, but you must be very well adjusted to work at a pool. Just the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public gives me the heebie-jeebies! I already walked this AM since it is supposed to be so hot today. I love weddings. Not so much on the funerals. Thinking of your student and his family today. So sad ... Now I'm off to do a little work in my yard. That's definitely NOT in my fun realm! Happy Weekend to you!

Gayle said...

That was a busy week! Timmy has never had a pig's ear. I think I'll keep it that way!

Steve Gravano said...

Yea the Blind Side was an excellent movie. Glad your tests came back good. Still, ease back into, not too fast.

A. said...

Is Baxter possessive with his pig's ear? Jack would rather bite off someone's arm than have them come within five feet of his pig's ear. We stay clear unless of course we're wanting to hear his 'motor' run.

Anonymous said...

The Louisville (KY) public library lets you place request for books online. "The Help" had 349 requests for the regular book, 101 requests for the large print book, and 94 requests for the audiobook. Maybe I'll get the large print book by Christmas.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Glad to know you are enjoying yourself and getting all of that good reading in as well. I had a hard time finding another book that I liked as well as The Help. Your pool job sounds perfect and cudos on your color. I like just enough color to keep me from having pasty legs. We are painting the entire inside of our house and getting ready for a family reunion that we are hosting, so I know about the slower pace need thing. I just hope your week is lovely as is all of your posts (except the one about the oil spill - eck!) Happy Summer!!!