Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's List- The Joy of June

What is there to love about June?

*Lightning Bugs
*Flag Day
*Wading pools and swimming pools
*First tomatoes
*Baseball games-  T-ball through Major Leauge
*Movie matinees
*Father's Day
*S'mores and homemade ice cream
*Tiki Torches
*Fresh cherries
*Summer beers
*Grilling outdoors

I'm spending today at the pool.  With a large group of tenters in the campground, I would imagine that there is a lot of cleaning to do.  It has been so warm that the pool will fill up quickly. 

Hopefully, I will have a chance to finish Emily Griffin's Heart of the Matter. Then it will be time to work out a book swap with K. 

Happy Saturday!  Happy Father's Day Weekend!


Kim said...

Are you liking Heart of the Matter? I didn't like it as much as her previous books. I guess I'm not big on tales of cheating and longing for someone else. I was disappointed. I like lots of the things on your list. Happy Saturday!

Mary said...

Nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer's day! Hope Mr. E has an excellent Father's Day!

A said...

I love this list!! There are definitely key elements of it! I might have to do an inspired post on my blog of "Joy of June!"

I haven't read Giffin's new book, but she is one of my favorite chick lit writers! I need to put the book on request from the library...

PS: You put smores and ice cream together on your list... It made me think about how good the two would be together - smores ice cream!