Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Miscellaneous

I'm pretty sure these are weeds, but cute little daisy-like weeds at that.  I'm not too opposed to 'cute' weeds!

Last night we met L and CG at a restaurant we had never been to before.  After he made it big, a  football player from U town bought a restaurant for his family to run in his small hometown.  It is one of those cute little hole-in-the-wall places that has started attracting a pretty good following.  I can see why.  The food was wonderful, including pies made by his mom and grandmother. 

On the way home, we stopped in to see K and CT.  They had been picking blackberries yesterday (25 pounds!) and were in the process of freezing them.  The berries were as big as my thumb and delicious!

I would have gone for a run this morning, but it was already hot at 4:00 AM (!!) when the Baxter took me outside. It is supposed to begin cooling down overnight starting tomorrow.  My run can wait until then.  I'm slowly working my way back to running two miles. 

Speaking of heat, we need to water today for a couple of neighbors so their flowers survive the temperatures.  Our one neighbor is still fighting leukemia and won't get back home until December.  Poor guy.  His yard is his pride and joy, so the neighborhood is trying to keep it alive and going for him.  The other neighbors are enjoying a weekend in Vegas for their 10th anniversary.  (And I can't imagine how hot that is, though if they are winning--I'm sure they don't mind!)

Unfortunately, the Mr. has to work today.  The good news is that our vacation isn't too far away! 


B. Meandering said...

Good neighbors are crucial when you have a flower garden. I'm blessed with one. I do pay him when I go on trips, but I know that if I were to get sick he and the ones on the other side would keep my 'artwork' alive.
That's probably one of the best things you neighbors can do for the guy with leukemia.:)

Mary said...

Aw, so you've picked up on my weed philosophy, huh? :D
I'm sure taking care of your neighbor's plants is giving him a good peace of mind.

Katie (Cant' Get There) said...

That is so sweet of you and the rest of the neighborhood to keep your neighbor's garden alive. :) He is going to love it when he comes home!

Wendy said...

Sometimes I think the weeds are the best. Not snobby like the roses. :)