Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday List- Reasons to Celebrate On Easy Street

Reasons to celebrate on Easy Street...

*Baxter's surgery was painless--or at least appeared to be.  He was his ornery little self in no time:  jumping, hyper, and still having an hour every evening where he goes completely nuts!  It's a good thing we love him.  He didn't mess with his stitches too much and is as cute as ever.

*L moved in.  I have a new running partner at 5:00 AM.  She pushes me.  Her legs are about a foot longer than mine.  She has also been good for eating healthy.  And she cooks!  Bless. Her. Heart!

*K has been hired to be the assistant to the principal in their new freshman building.  She gets to put her administrative degree to good use.  We're so happy for her and hope it is a good year.  (Though I still say she is crossing over to the dark side!!  And...her school lost a great teacher--well, at least her mom thinks so!)

*I got to see West Point nephew last night and kiss his ears.  (He loves me in spite of my "aunt" moments!)  Actually, we met his whole family for dinner and bought him a 'legal' drink. 

This is my favorite engagment picture...
not really, but it totally sums up their relationship:  flip flop "girlie" girl + country boots boy.
Actually, this one is my favorite.
Did I mention that I'm getting a son-in-law who makes banana nut homemade ice cream?  (Well, he actually cooks a lot of things.)
It is to die for!  (And no, it is not on my diet, but we had reason to celebrate.  He is marrying an administrator!)

Oh, and we might have popped a cork to celebrate the new job!


Kim said...

Yum! Homemade ice cream - and not any of that sissy vanilla stuff either! The engagement photos were great. Congrats to K. I think you're right, though: Oftentimes, in the name of advancement, we lose what people are really great at (i.e., writers becoming editors.) But, on the other hand, who better to serve as an advocate for teachers ... someone who understands and values them. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO K SUE!!! Love you! Auntie R

B. Meandering said...

Congrats to K! I understand what you're saying, but I've been under some administrators that were poor teachers, so the school is blessed to get a principal who has practiced what she'll probably be 'preaching'!

The foot shot is so cool--says so much!
The other one is very nice also---I can see why you really like it. The love shows.

As for a son-in-law who makes banana nut ice cream---lady, you are soooo lucky!

Puna said...

Sounds like good times on Easy Street! Congratulations mom...those photos are wonderful! She looks very happy.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Love the shot of their feet hanging off the...swing? (bench? bleachers?) They look so comfortable together, so so important. :) Lots of happy changes on Easy Street!