Friday, August 20, 2010

The Best of a Very Good Week

This week's Friday Favorites are pretty easy.  Limiting them to just five isn't that easy! 

1.  On Sunday evening some friends held a couple's shower for K and CT.  There was a camouflage theme for the decorations.  I wish I had taken more pictures!
I did get a shot of the adorable cake.  Even the "rocks" lining the "stream" were edibible. You can check out the camo tent.  There was even a small campfire.  Do they know this groom or what?!! 
2. Our tour of the new high school was a highlight.  This time it was legit, as we all had hard hats!
We were finally assigned a classroom and could also see the progress.  It was quite exciting and a bit emotional at the same time!  It's going to be beautiful.  I am so hopeful that the construction crew is able to stay on schedule!

3.  I finally got to see my classroom!  The English wing was the last to be assigned our rooms.  We found out on the tour which room was to be ours. It really didn't matter which one we were given, but I am quite excited to show you my new classroom!!  Ta-da!!!!

Those are my windows on my corner of the middle wing.  That is also a door from my room that is a required fire exit.  Isn't this a beautiful sight?!!  OK.  It might not look like that much to you, but comparing it to my trailer...!!  And here is an interior view:
I guess you can see that there is some work to do, but at least the building is pretty much enclosed which means work can continue even when the weather is less than ideal.  And every classroom has a pretty big storage closet.
*sigh*  I think I am in love!

4.  School started and I am quite impressed with the class of 2013!
Our first couple days of school have been enjoyable.  The students are cheerful and almost eager to get back in the swing.  Probably seeing that beautiful new building going up in the middle of the Trailer High campus is a promise of all the good things ahead this year.  They have sidewalks this year.  The construction dirt isn't going to cause rivers of mud.  Even the planks that had to be placed for students to avoid "streams" in rainy weather won't be needed this year.  AND...they have parking!!  Life is good at Trailer High, and it is bound to get better!

5.  Running has been going so well that I am going to attempt a 5K tomorrow.  I'm doing it on my own.  There is a race this fall at a park in U town.  I'm going to run the race course for that race.  I'm actually looking forward to it!  And if it goes well, I will sign up to run the 5K race in late September. 

I'm not even getting into K's new job and how well that is going, or L's new class of 1st graders and her funny stories.  L has become my personal trainer, while I am her running inspiration.  (She can't let the old lady beat her in a race!)  The Mr. has made this week an easy one for the teachers in this house. 

I'm not sure a week could get much better... but, we'll talk again after we're all moved into the new building in January!!


Kim said...

The new building looks awesome and how exciting to know where your new home-away-from-home will be! Here's to a fabulous Friday to end out your wonderful week!

ELK said...

how exciting . beautiful. you have many happy moments right now!!

Gayle said...

Your week of good things makes me smile!

Puna said...

It cracks me up to see guys at their showers...the new building looks beautiful!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

So, so, SO happy for you! Isn't it lovely how hearing a friend's week went so well can make a girl's Friday even better?