Monday, August 9, 2010

Hectic Times on Easy Street

All my best intentions of getting caught up on blogging have gone by the wayside. Let's see, this is what has been happening:

1. A carload of kids, two students from Tiny Town and two students from another town, were involved in a car accident. One student from Tiny Town died and all the other boys were injured. Both of Tiny Town's kids were former students. It makes me sick.

2. I've worked quite a few days at the pool.

3. The County Fair is going on; hence, the reason for working so many days. (The other attendants want off to attend the fun.)

4. L and CG are taking a break from the long distance relationship. Well, at least for a couple of weeks. Time will tell.

5. I took a nose dive on the morning run. This time I know exactly what happened. I was pointing out a hole for L to avoid and didn't see the uneven sidewalk. I landed on hands and knees and "volleyball rolled" into the yard. L was freaked, but I got up and finished the run. (We still had a mile and a quarter to go.) I finished covered in sweat, grass, and scrapes. BUT... I finished!!  And now my knees look like a 3rd grader's!

6. My tooth is better, but still has sensitivity from time to time.  My knees have helped me forget about my tooth!

7. K's new job is keeping her busy and really taking it out of her. Besides all the beginning of school activities, they are moving into a new building.  It probably doesn't help that she has a sprained ankle. (I'm guessing you can tell where she got her gracefulness!!)

8. K and CT are going to be moving to Tiny Town. K will be thirty minutes closer to work. CT will add about 5 minutes to his drive.  I think all of us have been concerned about K being gone from home at least 12 hours a day. They are going to be moving to a cute rental home owned by K's Middle School Science teacher and his wife, who happens to be our Trailer High secretary. There is a cement pad for the boat and a huge yard with an apple tree and room for a garden.  Besides that, they couldn't ask for better landlords.  Altogether, they will shave about 50 minutes off of commute time.  It has been 11 years or so since our whole family has been living in Tiny Town. I look forward to their move.  (Just one more thing to add to K's plate right now.)

9. I went to see the Mr.'s sister and her family yesterday. Both nieces and the grandkids were also visiting at the MIL's apartment. The Mr. had to work, but I had a good time catching up. We don't get to see that side of the family often and the great niece and nephew are growing so fast!

10. AND Ta-Da: the Mr. bought a different vehicle. It is a white 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I always forget how much work it is with test driving, purchasing, insurance, tags, and titles. He is selling the old truck to a salvage yard. The interior is still nice and it has a topper. I'm not sure how much else is salvageable.

So that has been the last five days on Easy Street. Today and tomorrow are my last two days at the pool. I have loved the quiet days for swimming and reading. I've met quite a few people, but I am ready to get back to the students of Trailer High.  I will have a few days off, three appointments, and work to get done before I report to school next Monday.  I have to enjoy these last few days of summer!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Mrs E ~ Sorry to hear the horrible news about the boys in the car accident. My heart goes out to all their families, especially the family who lost their son.

You sure have been busy. Glad you only ended up with skinned knees in your fall. You are a real trooper to get up and keep running.

It sounds like you got in some good visiting with family too.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

My goodness friend ~ that is a arm full and then some! I am sorry for your loss, wish you quick healing, and God speed on all the others! I do hope you enjoy your last few days of summer! I start back today (work/staff days) and am missing summer already! I continue to enjoy your posts so much. Here's to a week filled with blessings being hoped for one of my favorite gals! <3 Katie

B. Meandering said...

Your comments were so kind when I lost a student in February. My heart goes out to you--it stuns and hurts so many people.
I'm a clutz and am not nearly as confident as you about running. Kudos to you for finishing the run.
Hope knees and tooth are soon feeling much better.

Gayle said...

That is horrible news about the Tiny Town boys' accident. So sad. I wish we could wrap our children in thick bubble wrap when they walk out the door.

You are very busy! Make sure you put Neosporin on your scrapes!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Oh, my goodness - you guys have been busy! So sorry to hear about your students. My thoughts are with your community and the boys' families.