Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Another Monday

L was about to have an anxiety attack.  The custodians ran out of wax when they got to her classroom at school.  She found out yesterday at noon that her room was finally ready to go and left about a half hour later to start her back to school work. 

The Mr. and I went and helped her later in the afternoon.  We covered bulletin boards.
We helped her get her word wall ready to go.
And I even got her door decorated.  She had made everything, I just had to put it together.  And yes, that is an actual plastic tablecloth for the background.  When she gets her class roster, every student will have a "cookie" on one of the cookie sheets with their name on it.
She is headed back to her classroom today.  Yesterday was a drop in the bucket of what she needs to get done. 

Meanwhile, K had to begin her new job today.  The principals report this week.  I'm sure she is nervous, but excited. 

The Mr. is headed to get his new glasses today.  He had been wondering how his eyes were doing with his diabetes.  His vision problems were related to old age, not diabetes.  That's a good thing--at least that's what I told him.

Me?  I'm going to the dentist.  I dread it!  I have always hated the dentist, but I have a tooth that has been giving me trouble for the last month.  This appointment is supposed to be for a cleaning, but I have a hunch I am going to have a little more than that.  Have I mentioned that I hate the dentist? 

Just another manic Monday on Easy Street!


ELK said...

love the is almost ready!

Kim said...

Cute door! I'm with you about the dentist. Hope it's better than you think!

Matt Weller said...

Man, L's bulletin boards look almost as good as mine! Oh wait, I have had the same bulletin board for the last 10 years!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

L's room and door look fabulous!!!
We cannot get our keys until Thursday and parents come on Tuesday! So am I having a little anxiety attack??? Trying not to ~ you are such a good mom to help out with L. I wish her and you all the success in the world to getting your classes all ready! Blessings Dear! ~ Katie

Lesley A. Owens said...

I have to go to a new dentist soon, and I'm terrified! I've never had a problem with the dentist, but I don't want a stranger poking around in there. Good luck with your visit, cousin C!

2Thinks said...

Is that wall yellow or is that just your camera doing a trick? That is a real "HELLO KIDS!" wall color if I've ever seen one and I love the door decoration. Creative teacher. Like mother, like daughter, I'm guessing.

I know what you mean about the dentist- me too- yuck.

K is a principal? Wow! Good going!

B. Meandering said...

The room's looking good! Great door! Her room is such a bright color--how lucky she is!

I used to dread dentists, but then I found this wonderful one who makes the visits almost fun. Almost.

Glad the eye problem was not diabetes---that growing older and having to change glasses every one to two years isn't great, but better than some alternatives.

Gayle said...

L's classroom looks great! I miss seeing how sweetly the grade school teachers decorate their classrooms. Hope you had an easy appointment at the dentist.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Love L's room! Gracie has been dreading 1st grade this summer - she's afraid she'll get the "mean" teacher. Maybe I will show her these pics and tell her that teachers are just as excited to meet their new students. Maybe they're even a little scared that they'll have noisy kids as the kids are of her (or him) being strict!

Mary said...

What a great idea for the door! Her room looks really cute.

Dandy said...

I love her room! I adore the picnic cloth with the cookie sheet- cutest idea ever!