Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tooth Troubles

I got the teeth cleaned on Monday.  That alone would have been fine, but nooooo....!

The reason I have had a hard time chewing on one side of my mouth is that a cusp (around a filling) had broken off and was still in my mouth only because it was attached to my gums.  It would move with the slightest touch.  The dental hygienist looked a little shocked.

The dentist numbed my gum and then popped the floating cusp out of my mouth.  It left a nice little hole for me to contend with for an evening.  I left his office with an appointment bright and early the next morning.

Day 2 found me in the chair getting the hole filled.  The new filling attaches to the old filling.  If in six weeks I have no sensitivity, I am to return for a crown.  Lovely!  The crown comes with a nice little price tag, too!

By the way, if in six weeks my mouth feels like it does right now-- I may have to shoot someone.  The pain feels like chewing on aluminum foil:  little electric-like shocks.

The Mr. calls me the "little princess" or "LP" for short.  And now, I'm going to have a crown-- just not quite the one I expected!!


Mary said...

Bummer. There's nothing quite like a toothache, is there? I can sympathize with you!
Did he give you some tylenol with codeine or something else to ease the pain?

Kim said...

I am the queen of all queens with as many crowns as I have in my mouth. I totally sympathize! Hope it's better today!

B. Meandering said...

Did he check about you needing a root canal before he filled it? If it's still hurting, I'd recommend getting that checked out before he puts on a crown.

If he thinks that's necessary, I'd REALLY recommend going to one who specializes in root canals. Believe me, it makes a WORLD of DIFFERENCE.

I used to fear root canals, but since I've had them done right, they're not bad.
I don't understand why it still hurts. That bothers me. Did he put you on an antibiotic?

As you have probably surmised by now, I've had a lot of work done. Plus I had TMJ and had jaw surgery. My jaw still has to pop out of place for a dentist to get back to some areas--that actually freaks Dr. A. more than it does me; he's so worried he's hurting me.

Hope you get some relief soon!

Dandy said...

I think tooth pain is just insane. I can't handle it.

You know you really should be more specific when you say you deserve a crown :)

2Thinks said...

I couldn't read this one without wincing. Ow!

Puna said...

Ouch and double ouch. My daughter just had two crowns put in after 14 years of no cavities. It must be a teenager thing.

Gayle said...

Ouch! I hope the crown is painless.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Catching up after my looooong vacation. I had a crown put in two years ago and you won't believe what a difference the actual crown will make. It will feel like a real tooth again - promise.