Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The Mr. is headed off to do some radio sideline reporting for a local high school team tonight. L is headed off to meet her sister for supper and then attend the J town game where K is an administrator in charge of the student body.  Tiny Town's team has an away game, so Baxter and I are spending some quality time together.  (I've had him chasing a laser pointer's red beam.  I'm not sure that is qualitly time, but it wears him out!) Actually, I will probably spend a bit of time cleaning before everyone else arrives home!

All of us are headed to the U game for the first game and tailgate of the season tomorrow.  CT and buddies are dove hunting for his bachelor party weekend, so he will miss the fun. 

Sunday, we are finally making the mints for the wedding reception.  We decided to hold off making them until the reception was just a month away.  They freeze well, but most recipes called for keeping them frozen for only about 6 weeks. 

On Monday, the plan is to head to the Mr.'s hometown for their 2 mile fun run and walk.  It will be an early morning, but we don't see those folks very often.  We'll be back in town for Tiny Town's celebration and afternoon parade. 

As I write this down, it sounds a bit hectic.  Actually, I am planning to take it at an easy pace and just enjoy time with the girls and the Mr.  It is so rare that it is just the four of us these days.  And for the first time in I don't know how long, the Mr. has the entire weekend off.  (Of course, he is gearing up to work 14 days straight.  argh!) 

I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend, but if I'm not in blog world--you'll know why.  (Photos to come!)


holybovine said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to me. Hubby and I will be off together only Saturday, as it is with every week. Ahhh, retail.

We've had fun making mints for receptions for several of the girls. And some of those frozen leftovers (yes, leftovers!) have been chomped on at least 6 months later.'s so good!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, Mrs. E! I am trying to finish a baby quilt this weekend and maybe clean the girls' toy room. That should leave plenty of time for relaxing and any plans that stray my way!

Dandy said...

Why is everone cleaning? Or is it I'm feeling guilt for not cleaning up the piles building around me :)

I am so impressed that you are making mints. i expect a post!

cousin greg said...

might see you Monday morning, if the corn combine will let me.

Gayle said...

I want to hear about the mint making, too! Hope your weekend is going wonderfully!