Saturday, October 23, 2010

21 Things

21 Things About Me

1.  As a kid, I was extrememly shy.  I hid in my mom's skirts.  I remember wrapping up in them and hoping no one could see me.

2.  I didn't learn to snow ski until I was 35.  It is still my favorite sport.

3.  I own quite a few pairs of reading glasses.  Cheap ones.  I wear them with my contacts.  My students imitate me by putting their glasses on the end of their noses.  They think they are really funny.

4. I have been haunted by claustrophobia most of my life.  I can't stand sheets or long nightgowns wrapping around my legs, sweatshirts getting stuck going on or coming off, or even someone pinning my arms.  Huge crowds in tight places drive me crazy.

5. My dad used to forget to pick me up at piano lessons...weekly.  The school custodian and I got to be good friends.  Eventually, I learned to walk to a great aunt's house to wait.  He'd get home without me, and mom would send him back to get me.  And I still love him...!

6.  I love all things pumpkin.  The Mr. does not. 

7.  I love coffee.  The Mr. does not.  He drinks it, but it isn't his favorite.

8.  When I was 4, I almost bit my tongue off in a car accident.  (It hasn't slowed or affected my speech. Ask anyone who knows me!)

9.  I've never smoked a cigarette.  And I hate 2nd hand smoke.

10.  I've always been a working mom.  I went back to work when the girls were 5 weeks old.  In many ways, it was the best of both worlds.  I probably would have been a lousy stay-at-home mom.

11.  It has taken me years to figure it out, but I need to be outside every day--in all kinds of weather.  I'm healthier (mentally and physically) when I am.

12.  No one cries alone in my presence.  I see tears; I cry, too.

13.  My mom thought that crap or bull were dirty words.  Bad language wasn't part of my childhood.

14.  Swinging, merry-go-rounds, anything spinnning are all no-no's for me.  Motion sickness has haunted me my entire life.  I can't go to Imax theaters.  Even riding in the back seat of the car can make me sick.  It's a curse.

15.  On the upside, I love roller coasters!  They don't affect me a bit.

16.  I'm a nail biter.  I used to be a thumb sucker.  My bad habits abound.

17.  I go to bed early and get up early.  I'm a morning person.  I operate better on that end of the day.

18.  I gave matchmaking a try once.  They are still married.

19.  When God was handing out dimples, He only gave me one.  (Well, not counting the ones in each shoulder.  What is up with that anyway?!!)

20.  I'm a "Harry Potter" fan.  I'm the only one in my family who is.  The adorable 3rd grade son of one of my favorite former students invited me to go to see the new movie with them.  I can't wait!

21. At the end of every day, I can't wait to walk in the doors of my house.  Best place in the world!


Mary said...

This is very weird:
I love pumpkin & coffee, have always been a working mom, cry when someone else does, my dad thought crap was a dirty word, I used to be a thumb-sucker (BADLY...but not in front of anyone...I was a "closet thumb-sucker"), love HP, have matchmade once (they're still married, too, have adopted a baby and are in the process of adopting another), and home is the absolute best place in my world! WHEW!

B. Meandering said...

That list revealed a lot---I feel like I know you so much more now.

We're opposites in some of them. I love swings and merry-go-rounds, but detest roller coasters and absolutely fear being trapped on a ferris wheel.

As for biting nails, I fixed that by getting fake nails. Since teeth repair is quite expensive, esp. on a teacher's salary, I choose not to bite those incredibly tough fake ones.

Great post!

Mrs. E said...

Hey, B. I do the acrylic thing, too. It is the only thing that has stopped my biting habit! : )

kath said...

Great list!
No one cries alone - me either!
Thank you so much for keeping us company lately, we have been distracted and absent but it is heartwarming to know that you kept us in your thoughts.

Kim said...

I am finding lots of common ground in your list!

holybovine said...

I believe 1a and 16b go together...from personal experience. As well as 1c and 4b. #13 - good for Aunt M! I agree with her still...but am sometimes guilty. Shame on Uncle H!