Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday

What a great weekend!  I ran 3.1 miles on Saturday morning, walked Baxter, and stained the deck out back until I ran out of stain.  L and I went to a baby shower in the afternoon where I got to see some "favorite" former students!  In the evening, the Mr. and I took a drive to the local lake.  We still haven't had a good frost so the leaves aren't turning yet, but I still took a few pictures. 
On Sunday, we shopped for groceries at 6 AM, went to church, and then I pretended to watch football.  (Actually, I read the paper and napped.)  Baxter and I took a long walk with L.  Bax frequently plops down in one of the nicely manicured lawns on this walk and has to be cajoled into finishing.  Granted, they are pretty nice lawns, and he is awfully lazy tired.  He needs a little rest.  His little legs are just worn out.  Actually, he rolls around and is just plain goofy!

I hated to see the weekend end...

Today is Inservice.  Enough said.


Gayle said...

That's a really pretty scene!

Mary said...

Sounds like an almost perfect weekend (minus the staining the deck!). My schnauzer used to do that same thing, but it was because it was too hot.