Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Day- Pre-Ceremony

Last Thursday was a beautiful day in the Midwest:  clear, sunny, and mid 70's. 

K began the day by making her bouquet.  She took a dozen pink roses, removed all the leaves, and joined them together with florist tape.  She snipped off some length and covered the floral tape with pink ribbon.  That's it.  The bouquet was simple and beautiful. 

At 9:00 the girls on Easy Street headed to U town for pedicures. 
Talk about a relaxing way to start the day!  Then, I took the girls to lunch at a favorite restaurant where we sat on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Next up was a trip to the hair salon.  We went to our usual salon.  All three of us get our hair done at the same place by three different stylists.  K's stylist married one of her colleagues.  She and K have become good friends.

K and L both had beautiful hair.  Me?  I didn't change my hair from any other day. 
Back home, it was time to get ready.  K and CT were to meet the photographer at 4:30 for some pictures in different locations before the ceremony, so we didn't waste much time. 
Here is L as the maid of honor in her plum dress and pink shoes.  After she was dressed, we helped K into her wedding dress.
 Then out the door we went.  The Mr. still had to dress and was in charge of driving car #2. 
 K's dress only fit into the back seat of the car, so here she is excited to meet up with CT and the photographer.
K carried my mom's handkerchief with the cameo that has been handed down in her family.  The cameo is around 175 years old and has been carried by brides for at least the last two generations.  It has become a nice tradition to remember Mom and bind all of the brides in our family together. The only flowers besides the bridal bouquet was a small silk bouquet for L. 
We were to meet CT and the photographer at a location near a marina at the lake.  There is an old limestone barn there that has been converted into a picnic shelter.  K hid from CT so the photographer would have a chance to capture their first moments together.  
The barn ended up being a great backdrop for pictures.  There also happened to be an old swing on the premises which came in handy, too.
 It was a sweet moment. 
The casual setting was perfect for the groom in jeans and boots.  This is definitely more CT's style than a tux would have been.
At one point the photographer grabbed my camera and took this shot of the four of us.
All the rest of the photos shared are by the professional photographer.  The whole shoot was relaxed and comfortable.  K and CT both looked so happy that their joy was contagious.

 You can catch a glimpse of the bride's pink shoes here. 
After the swing photos, we drove to the site of the actual ceremony.  Here CT met up with his family and his little brother who was the best man. 
The two brothers look so similar that they are easily confused.  And then they open their mouths.  Little Bro is definitely the youngest child--a touch of the ornery, up-to-no-good, and "they gotta love me, I'm the baby" personality.  CT is the calm, steady big brother.  He teases and has a great sense of humor, too; he just seems a bit more conservative.  They are quite a duo.

Tomorroww there will be fewer photos and more on the actual ceremony and post dinner party.

K would tell you that September the 30th was a fairytale kind of day in our state.  The weather, the location, and the ceremony were just perfect.  But we'll save more on that until tomorrow.  I warned you-- this will be a week of wedding posts!


FlowerLady said...

A nice romantic way to start my day.

I am enjoying this. What a lovely setting. Bride and groom definitely look happy and relaxed.


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad the weather cooperated!

ELK said...

looks like a great weather day..makes it such a memorable day...

Kim said...

I love the photos! I especially liked the one with K's veil blowing and the one in the swing and the one with the barn as a backdrop ... OK, I love them all! I'm so glad you had the perfect day in Kansas! What a meaningful tradition with the handkerchief and cameo. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Still a little teary over the happily-ever-after aspect. I hope their marriage is as picture-perfect as their wedding day. What a gorgeous send-off!

Puna said...

She's a gorgeous bride! I love love the shoes!

B. Meandering said...

Beautiful. Thursday sounds like an idylic day--you all seem relaxed and happy--no last minute rushing around. You're so fortunate you could share that day in that way with both your 'girls'(of course you already know that).