Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peak Peeking

Last night after the Mr. got home from work, we ran to J town for a few groceries.  Before we left Tiny Town, I begged asked him to drive by Trailer High.  I wanted to peek in the window of my soon-to-be new classroom.

Imagine my surprise when I saw carpet on the floor and the cabinets attached to the walls!  The Mr. and I stood there with our noses pressed against the glass oohing and ahhing.

It gets better!  A really nice carpet layer happened by, saw us looking in, opened the door (a fire door), and asked if we wanted to come in and look.  Did I???  No need to ask twice!!

Can you believe I didn't have my camera?!  (I smacked myself in the forehead for that one!)

The whiteboards are hung.  The storage room has sturdy shelving and tile floors.  The carpet is beautiful, and I'm already figuring out what all will be going into the cabinets and cubbies!

For those of you thinking, carpet in a classrooom??  They are carpet squares that are probably 18 inches by 18 inches.  If a square gets ruined, it can be pulled up and replaced without replacing the whole room of carpet.  And I'm pretty sure my feet and legs will be eternally grateful not to be standing on tile covered concrete!

Two months from tomorrow, we will begin moving out of Trailer High and into Super School.  And I finally believe it is really going to happen!!


Kim said...

How exciting! With the holidays, etc., the time will fly by.

Mary said...

WOO-HOO! You won't be able to sleep the night before you get to move in!

Relyn said...

YAY!! I know you are thrilled. That's great!