Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thankful November Part II

Here is the 2nd part of daily thankfulness on facebook. 

November 15th- I am so thankful for extended family: aunts and uncles, crazy cousins, terrific nieces and nephews, and loving siblings. I am especially thankful that I genuinely like/love all of them and that I look forward to spending time with them. When family also happens to be people you would pick for your friends-- you're lucky, and I'm very lucky!

November 16- I am thankful for teenagers, and their ability to horrify me one minute and then turn around and amaze me the next!

November 17th- I am thankful for great paras and teacher's aides. I couldn't survive without them!

November 18th- I am so grateful for music and its ability to worm its way into our hearts!

November 19th- I am thankful for the authors and their books that have ignited a whole generation and turned our kids into readers again!

November 20th- I am thankful for Saturdays: morning shopping trips, lunches at coffee shops, and evenings with friends. Throw in a son-in-law who makes Saturday morning breakfasts and days don't get much better!

November 21st- I am thankful for life's plateaus-- knowing there will be both peaks and valleys sometimes, too.

November 22nd- I am so thankful for old friends. I had a phone call from a high school classmate who has been MIA from reunions, ran into several friends at the craft sale Saturday, and then saw some at the Union Thanksgiving Service last night. How great is it when parents of former students feel like old friends? They are so much a part of our lives for a few years that we miss them when their kids graduate!

November 23rd- I'm thankful that at 3:25 today our Thanksgiving break begins. Home for the holidays! Kind of makes me want to break out into song. I'll spare you!

November 24th- I'm so grateful for my family--for the family of my childhood and adulthood, for those who are no longer with us, and those we have added along the way. My cup runneth over--and it spills into every area of my life. I have been blessed.

November 25th- I'm thankful for a holiday that celebrates counting our blessings! "If we pause to think- we have cause to thank."

November 26th- I'm thankful for any good excuse for quality time with the girls. Black Friday Shopping at 3:15, Christmas carols, and crowds! (L, you have to be here next year!! This every other year plan kind of stinks!)

November 27th- I am so thankful that I am a morning person. The best part of my day is usually before 8:00. There is nothing like the quiet stillness of a small town in the morning. No dodging traffic or other pedestrians. Today at the end of the morning run, I heard and then watched a flock of geese flying over.

November 28th- I'm thankful for friends that seem like family and family that seem like friends. I have a lot of good people in my life, and I'm so grateful for each of them!

The last two days will be coming!  Man, November has flown by!


joyce said...

You truly are blessed, and a great example that good things come to good people.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am thankful for you and your blog. I've come to love both this past year! :)