Monday, February 21, 2011

On Facebook, Weekends, and Inservice

I had no voice at all on Friday, so I took another sick day to give my vocal cords rest.  I went to the Dr. who gave me an antibiotic.  He figured three weeks of stuffiness was probably not a good sign. 

When I got home from the Dr., I found my 2nd hour students Facebooking me from my classroom.  (And yes, I used Facebook as a verb!)  Oh dear, that couldn't be good. (Channelling Scarlett O'Hara:  I'll think about that tomorrrow!)

And in spite of that, I had a good weekend.  I napped quite a bit.  My voice is on the mend.  I couldn't sing in church, but I can talk and be heard again.  We'll call it my sexy voice.  (Well, if squeaking counts as sexy!)

The Mr. and I had a good time at the college basketball game this weekend.  Our team won!  The "people watching" was excellent, though most of them happened to be little people.  We were surrounded by babies, which this grandmother-to-be didn't mind one bit!  I am quite ready for August and new baby T to arrive.

Yesterday after church, the Mr. headed to work.  I took advantage of a free afternoon to visit L and take in a few Presidents' Day Sales with her.  I didn't find much, but then I didn't need much either.  L is rebounding from her bout of this same cold.  And to think we all had flu shots.  (Though I'm sure they will tell me this wasn't the flu.  It sure felt like the flu... well, minus the body ache and high fever.)

Today is Inservice Day.  I still don't plan to do much talking.  I need my voice for the rest of the week. I'm excited because today we are to learn how to use our mini macs and wireless slates.  Yes, I know that I'm the one who left the lens cap on the document reader!  But...!!!  I am looking forward to learning new and improved ways of how to screw up with these fun tools! 

Let's hope my week is as good as my weekend was.  I'm hoping to run, and I'm really hoping my voice just keeps getting stronger.  I'm pretty sure that my sophomores are hoping for that, too.  Yeah, right!  My return is going to cut into their Facebook time.  Poor darlings.

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