Saturday, March 19, 2011

And In The Beginning

The Beginning Bodes Well...

*We met L, K ,and CT for dinner in U town last night.  We were celebrating the Mr.'s birthday. 

*After dinner the Mr. and I returned to Tiny Town to a high school production.  It was fun to see my students perform. 

*Today I went to U town to meet L and run in the St. Patrick's Day Fun Run.  I'm not sure if this was my 3rd or 4th run there, but it was by far my best.  The rain held off and it was cool.  Someone said there were about 1500 runners and walkers in the race.  L and I were both pretty pleased with how easy the race was.  She beat me by a couple of minutes but waited for me at the finish line.  

*We went to lunch after the race with a colleague of mine.  She ran, too--and probably had time to get a drink and an order of fries before we got to the finish line!

*Baxter and I are now spending quality time together on this rainy afternoon.  I think he senses that he is getting boarded.  Uh oh!

*There might even be time to squeeze in a nap today.

*There are watch parties tonight for a U town game.  I'm not sure if we're headed there yet or not.  I'm sleepy and have laundry and packing to finish.

And that is a great beginning to Spring Break! 

I'm hoping the rest of break goes as well.

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