Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Day Creation: A Mess

I think most of what I accomplished yesterday was to create a mess.  My desk looks like a trash can threw up on it.

Study guides, finals, unit tests that need grading, and CRT's to return are all part of my desk decoration right now.

And me?  I waltzed out the door at 4:00 yesterday.  Baxter had an appointment at his beauty salon, and we couldn't be late.  (At least one of us is going to look good.)

The teacher's desk?  It awaits me, along with all the work I need to complete today: senior finals to grade, senior semester grades in my teaching class to turn in, and a special project I need to grade for English II so they can take them home tomorrow. 

I know it will all get done. It just makes me exhausted if I think about it too much.

Six more days.  Six more days.  Six more days.  


Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Just keep thinking about that seventh day of rest! (And then once you've rested, I can start bugging you about your summer reads - you know I'll love everything you pick!)

B. Meandering said...

Mine is nine more days, nine more days. . .