Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only Wednesday

I went to use the scantron to grade some tests yesterday, and the machine was broken.  The timing is bad.  Senior finals are today and tomorrow.  Their grades have to be to the office by Friday.  The scantron gets used a lot at this time of year.  The secretaries came to the rescue.  If overnight express works, the new part should arrive tomorrow.

Then, one of the contractors came in and made repairs over the weekend.  My projector and speakers, which did work perfectly, now don't work.  Let me take that back.  They work with a strobe-like projection and a lot of static.  The principal is on it.  He's been on the phone, been by to check, and even did a little tech work himself.  I still have static, but the system is usable. 

Speaking of static, my students think they are done.  Reviewing for a test was next to impossible.  Their little mouths just kept going.  I'm swamped, and they are wild.  It isn't a great combination. 

Seven more days.  Seven.  If God created the world in that amount of time, surely I can wind up a school year without losing my mind. 

Right now, I have my doubts.  *sigh*


Puna said...

Hang in there! Teaching is one of those professions that makes you pull your hair out then miss your kids in the summer. And summer is coming!

Kim said...

One of my friends is a teacher, and her daughter is in her second year of teaching. The daughter called last week and asked, "What do I do when the kids are done learning?" And the mom responded, "Keep teaching!" Easier said than done this time of year, I'm afraid! At least, I hope the technological issues are better today!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, yes, what a *wonderful* time of the year!!

Dandy said...

Oh senioritis! It really isn't the time for any kind of malfunctions!!