Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Saturday

So thankful...

1. They were able to do the Mr.'s surgery with a laprascope.  Whew!  Recovery is much quicker. He is coming home this morning!

2.  His biggest concern out of anesthesia was whether or not he was going to get his gall bladder in a jar or not. Gross!  I assured him that was a NOT!

3.  My little sophomore made it back to school half days this week.  His chemo treatment really took it out of him, but he is pushing forward.  Bless*His*Heart!

4.  The Mr. gave me a pot of flowers for Mother's Day.  He brought them home on Thursday, knowing that nothing was going to be happening this weekend.  My first flowers of spring.  Makes me want to get busy planting!

5. I pulled out the box of baby clothes I saved.  I had forgotten what I put in there: some sweet little dresses and handmade blankets and booties.  I can't wait to see Baby T in her Momma and Aunt L's little dresses.

6.  The year is winding down with this class.  I am going to miss these kids next year.  It has been a good year.  This will always be my "Move In" class:  half a year in the trailers and half a year in the new building.

7. Warm weather is finally here.  It cools down over night, but the days are finally pretty nice.  Makes me want to drag out the bike!

8.  My siblings are pretty terrific.  I sent them a text yesterday when the Mr. got out of surgery.  I had heard from all three of them in about 20 seconds.  If I ever have an emergency....!

9.  Likewise, the Mr.'s little brother came up and waited while he was in surgery.  His wife was the first call of the day, letting us know she was thinking of us before we went in.  Again, in case of emergency...!

10.  Our minister saw the Mr. before he went in and sat with me during the surgery.  So did the head of our Care Group at church.  (And she just had cataract surgery herself!)  People are good.

Thankfully, I think this should be a quick recovery and then things will get back to normal on Easy Street.  Well, whatever normal is around here.  Sometimes I wonder!


Anonymous said...

MY "Snookums" should have had his Aunt Clarice there.......she STILL has my gallstones in a plastic bottle in her medicine cabinet.....and my gallbladder was removed OVER 25 years ago!!! Love you to all!!

Mary said...

Glad the surgery went well & that they were able to do it laproscopically. He'll be back to normal in no time!
God love the boy going through chemo. That's a strong young man!
Happy Mother's Day!

FlowerLady said...

Hope Mr has a quick and easy recovery.


B. Meandering said...

So glad the surgery went well and was relatively simple. As for wanting the gall stone, I can see his point.

My year is winding down in a frenzy of end of the year events and projects. We've had an extra half hour to our days, and all of us were dragging by Friday. It's good to miss a class. I will miss most of my kids. I will get the freshmen back in two years and it's always refreshing to see the good changes and maturity in most of them. Prom is next week and it's always enjoyable watching my juniors experience 'their prom'.
Hope you can rest up some.

puna said...

So great that everything went well...