Friday, October 28, 2011

Five on Friday

Five things I'm doing this Friday:

1. Grading.  I'm going to get rid of a few stacks of papers that are driving me crazy.  Well, hopefully.

2. Rehearsal.  For the first time since we've started, the cast gets to rehearse right after school.  We don't have to wait until athletic practices are over.  For two weeks, we can enjoy afternoon rehearsals.  I think all of us will be glad to arrive home at a normal time. 

3. Dinner with L.  L will be in U town and requested a late dinner outing.  The Mr. and I are to meet her.  Her only condition:  we have to bring the Lady Bug.  The Bug's mom is having to work a high school game in U town, and there is a good chance that her dad is going to be hunting.  Babysitting the Bug and dinner with Auntie L sounds like a perfect evening. 

4. Wearing jeans.  We got the official word that we are only to wear jeans on Friday this year.  Trust me. I don't plan to miss one opportunity to wear my favorite piece of clothing!

5. Enjoying this beautiful fall weather.  I am itching to use my camera with all the leaves and fall foliage.  I'm not sure how much time I'll have before the sun goes down, but I have the camera out and ready to go.

I'm celebrating Friday.  I'm pretty sure drinks will be involved.

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A said...

I found out something interesting this year about the dress code... In NYC, we can pretty much wear jeans any day because it's against our rights to be told we can't... I am not going to lie, I try to stick to only wearing jeans on Friday, but I do sneak in a jean day during the week every now and then ;)