Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Middle of the Week

Random Notes-

*Turned on the heat. (Well, the Mr. did, so he wouldn't have to listen to my teeth chatter.)
*Drug dogs made a random appearance at Tiny Town High and found-- nothing.
*Painted the first set pieces- the tip of the iceberg.
*A pain in my thumb randomly appeared and sends shooting pains through my hand and wrist. (Out of nowhere and for no reason.  What the heck?!)
*Mascot struggles at Tiny Town High--story to come.
*Nine week grades are done and Parent/Teacher conferences begin tonight.
*Lady Bug now weighs 10 pounds, and smiles so sweetly at her mom and dad.  She appears to be trying to talk, too, which she may be genetically programmed to do.  (She takes after her mom and grandma Coco, though I hear her dad was quite the talker at a young age, too!)
*Oh, and I may shoot the television if I have to listen to any more political debates. 

Just a typical week on Easy Street.


Puna said...

Wow, we had our heat on for a couple of weeks now. I hope that pain is gone. Did you get pricked by something? If you are sick of debates already - just wait...

Steve Gravano said...

Just imagine listening to the same speech three or four times a day. I want to wear an ipod when I work!