Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snafu: Don't Ask

I've been trying to fix my comment posting.  There have been a lot of problems with people trying to comment on posts.  Somehow, in the process of trying to fix it,  I have deleted quite a few blog comments.  And I doubt I fixed anything. 

Lovely.  Just lovely.

So, it's not that I didn't like your comments.  I love them!  I'm just having my usual technological fun.  And now I have a really big headache!  Feel free to pass the aspirin!

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Beth said...

I'm having techno difficulties at school. We've gotten a new program to help kids graduate without sitting in a desk in a classroom, yet still be here at school and monitored by teachers. It's call A+ and it is not user-friendly. sigh. My English colleague figured it out, but her idea of team work is to put lessons in for my grades instead of showing me how to do my own. I insisted on learning. She's now not speaking to me. sigh