Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Rest of Thankfulness Month

I've had a month of thankfulness on Facebook.  I shared the first week and then promptly forgot about sharing it.  Today's post is the rest of the thankful status updates.

Day #8- I am thankful for the Mr. He only has to be gone for a couple of days to make me realize just how much I miss my husband, best friend, and personal chef! (And Baxter misses someone who will play those wild games with him.)

Day #9- I am thankful for our community: good people who care about each other.

Day #10- I'm thankful for brisk fall mornings lit by a full moon. I'm also grateful for the little dog who drags me out to see it.

Day #11- I am thankful for Veterans Day and the sacrifice of our soldiers and their families.

Day #12- I am thankful for weekends that allow me to catch up on all the things I am behind on!

Day #13- I am so grateful that my phone has a memo pad feature; I have a hunch that this week it will get a workout.

Day #14- I am thankful for all the people in our world who go above and beyond--no matter what their job or circumstance.

Day #15- I'm thankful for my colleagues. They are helpful, funny, and always there when I need them. What a great bunch of people work at Tiny Town High!

Day #16- I am grateful for all the people who have put in the time to pull the show together: cast, tech, and assistants. 

Day #17- I'm thankful for the patience people show me--sometimes when I least deserve it.

Day #18- I am thankful for youthful enthusiasm. They drive me crazy sometimes, but mainly, their energy and joy are contagious. (That--and it's a short drive!)

Day #19- I am grateful for celebrations that call for flowers and champagne! 

Day #20- I am so grateful for all the support and love I have received in the past 50+ years. Since birth, I have been blessed with a lot of wonderful people in my life. You can't get more blessed than that, and I thank God every day.

Day #21: I'm so thankful for a two-day work week. It is the most wonderful time of the year: all the things I love about Christmas without the decorating or gifts to fuss with!

Day #22- I'm thankful for the lives of the previous generation- the example they have set and the love they have shown.

Day #23- I am thankful for home: the home of my childhood and the home of today; for the shelter, the food, and the voices I hear when I walk through the door. It has always been my favorite place in the world.

Day #24- I'm thankful to live in a country that sets aside a day to be grateful for our many blessings.

Day #25- I am thankful for little traditions: holiday movies, Santa coming to town, and Black Friday shopping trips with the girls. (Even when I don't buy a thing!)

Day #26- I'm so thankful for the guy at Menards who carried a pretty heavy box two blocks for me. They didn't have any carts left, and I wasn't even parked in their parking lot. Let's hear it for retail workers who work ridiculous hours this time of year and still share joy and kindness with people who probably don't deserve it. 

Day #27- This Thanksgiving weekend I am sooo thankful that the Mr. and I didn't have to decorate the deck for the trailer at school. The new school is absolutely wonderful!

Day #28- I am thankful for people in a small town who have Christmas lights on at 5 in the morning for the early walkers/joggers. What a beautiful way to start the day!

Day #29- I am thankful for technology. It sometimes drives me crazy, but it allows me to keep in contact with a lot of people I love.

Day #30- I am grateful for music--that there is a song for every mood and every occasion.  I'm also thankful for its ability to remind me of old times.  I know there is a soundtrack running through my life.  Someday, I'll get it put on paper.

Yes, life is pretty good on Easy Street.  I don't have to hunt too hard for reasons to be thankful.

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