Sunday, November 20, 2011

When the Curtain Goes Down

Sitting in the auditorium on the last night I realized some things.

1.  Kids are amazing.  They can drive me absolutely crazy then turn around and make me incredibly proud.

2.  The value of an all-school production is that you pull kids from every grade level.  A lot of them didn't know each other and never would have if it weren't for an activity like this. Now they have new friends, upperclassmen to admire, and younger friends to look out for.

3.  I have a lot of people in my life who support me and many of them attended the production:  friends, colleagues, family, and community members.  I have been very blessed.

4.  There is no way this would have worked without great help:

*a costuming/make up/backstage nazi/assistant director (Godsend #1)

*parents who donated food so kids had supper after athletic practices and before play practice this last week

*a mom who came in and helped with make up and striking the set.  (She also was there for the cast dance party that took place on stage.  Don't ask!)

*a stage craft class who built and lit our set

*a choreographer who is nothing short of a genius at dance, working the stage crew, staging, and darn near anything else I needed (Godsend #2)

*a stage crew that included 7 boys who volunteered to come in the last week to play the part of the opposing football team in the show and got roped into moving mammoth sets, too (Godsend #3)

*a dozen other colleagues who either made things for me (set pieces, cast sweatshirts, publicity posters, programs, publicity photos) or loaned me things (uniforms, lockers, set pieces) 

*a husband who was willing to cook supper for me at 10:00 at night, wipe the tears, give the pep talk, drive kids home who didn't have rides, and still bought pizza for the cast when the cast party fell apart due to cold temperatures.  (Yes, I owe him big time.  Unfortunately, the next show starts in January.)

*the former director who let me bend her ear or pick her brain, and despite some of the frustration she felt watching this process--was still gracious enough to attend the performance opening night.    

Whew!  It takes an entire school, town, and community to pull off a show like this.  Fortunately for me, I am privy to a school, town, and community willing to do that.

Have I told you recently what a blessing it is to live in Tiny Town?  Well, it is.  And I wouldn't trade this school, town or community for anything.


FlowerLady said...

I am so glad all went well with the production. You had great help, wonderful students, etc. Now you can relax.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving.


Puna said...

Congratulations Mrs. E!

holybovine said...

So happy for you and CHS!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Now enjoy Laney Bug, Thanksgiving AND getting back to your DAILY BLOG!!! Cousin Ree had withdrawls this past week :o( Bout went CrAzY......note I said Bout NOT did :o) Love you My CrAzY CoUsIn!!