Friday, December 23, 2011

All Things Christmas

Have to love the holidays:

At 8:30 I'm still in my PJ's drinking coffee. 
Cranberry muffins for breakfast.
The indoor and outdoor lights are already on.
I love the news shows at this time of year.
Still time for last minute forgotten items at the grocery store.
Pictures of the Bug in her Santa hat arrive daily via phone photos.

The only downer:  not a single gift under the tree.  Baxter has been on a paper diet lately, so the presents are out of his living space.  He's eaten a magazine, a sack, and tried to eat a heating pad and some paper money,  Obviously, he can't be trusted with pretty paper and shiny bows.  Santa may be skipping him this year!

I especially love Christmas Eve Eve.  The pace is leisurely.  The house is clean.  No crazed cooking, getting things ready for Christmas Eve celebrations or Christmas Day breakfast and dinner.  The gifts are wrapped.  If I eat that extra sugar cookie, there will be plenty of time for a walk this afternoon.

Time to go, L just came staggering up the stairs. I'm thinking she might need a cup of coffee delivered!

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Beth said...

You are a woman after my own heart!
I love Christmas eve day and eve. I savor it. This year, due to some inflexibility of other families that need my kids and grandkids, I ended up having our Christmas on Christmas eve afternoon. It totally threw me off kilter even though I tried to brace myself for it. It turned out crazily wonderful with 5 grandchildren running or crawling around. However, next year I get my dibs into the kids' stepmother not my kids and it will be her turn to do a Christmas eve. Fortunately we get along and she truly felt bad when she realized what had happened -- my daughter got my request in early, but neglected to pass it on. Since there are 30 some to work around for them, I gave in graciously.

But your evening sounds wonderful. Actually they were gone by 5, so I did have some quiet time, but I was too tired to go to church and I always go to church on Christmas eve. (But I went this morning).
Sharing grandkids adds a whole new dimension to a person's life and I would much rather share them than not have any to share!
Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy that little 'Bug'!