Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three More Sleeps 'Til Christmas

Home for the Holidays

Date night was a success:  the movie and the grocery shopping.  The Mr. even ran a couple of stocking stuffer detours for me.  Of course, we were putting groceries away at 11:00. Yikes!

This morning, I am watching it snow and cleaning the house to Christmas music.  L is due in sometime later today. 

L doesn't know it yet, but she is going to be one of the elves in Santa's workshop.  No one reads directions and assembles better than L.  We used to harass her about being so concrete.  Thank goodness, someone in this family is!  The rest of us jump in without reading directions and frequently have a disaster on our hands! 

The morning walk with Baxter was cold and windy.  The snow held off until after we arrived home.  It isn't heavy snow, just flurries. 

I need to get the frozen drinks into the freezer today.  This weather makes me think more of hot chocolate and coffee than frozen fun; however, this frozen drink has been a staple on Easy Street for almost 25 years.  K and L had to wait 15 years to even enjoy it; they aren't about to miss it now!

The Mr. is off to work, so I better get started on that cleaning. Enough gazing at the white stuff!

No Place Like Home

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Kitty M said...

Wow we havent had any snow this year but do you know that all the babies born in the UK this August (Luca being one of them) have been named the 'snow babies' by the UK press :-)

Something to do with us all being nowed in last December - and I 'll leave the rest to your imgaination lol!

Lots of love to you and your family Mrs E - kisses to your little granddaughter from Luca and kisses to Baxter from Alfie :-)

Have a lovely day - if I dont have the opportunity to blog again before Sunday - Kitty xxx