Monday, February 13, 2012

Such a sweet four days with the Lady Bug.  She is so much fun.

There is something about a six month old baby.  Their personality starts to come through.

She giggles.  She peek-a-boos.  Her lower lip comes out for pouts.  She is just starting to hold on--almost like a hug.

Her hair is light and starting to stand up with a mind of its own.  Oh, and that face is so kissable!

A lot of us on Easy Street thought that face was quite sweet, including Baxter who seems to have quite a crush on the Bug.  (Don't we all?)  The feelings were quite mutual.  She'd let him lick her face, and he'd let her pull his hair.  It was a nice arrangement.

Things are strangely quiet on Easy Street today. We are missing this little bundle.
Her mommy and daddy were pretty happy to see her.  She was pretty happy to see them, too. 


Kim said...

I had fun with my grandma time last week when Jill had a conference for work. Of course, this is the week that Kinley decided to start smiling - AFTER Grandma and Grandpa had left for home.

FlowerLady said...

She is such a sweetie pie and I can see her resemblance to you.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day,