Sunday, March 11, 2012

And The Curtain Is Down

The second and final show of the year is over.  The show was a success. 

How do I know?

*It met the principal's requests:  a lot of students involved and a fun show for the audience to watch.

*Some students who weren't/have never been involved in drama productions told me after the show that they thought they would audition next year.  (Score!)

*The cast included kids from all of these activities:  drama, forensics, music, football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, tennis, FFA, FCCLA, AFS, Cheer, Dance, 4-H, and about a zillion others.  These are busy kids! (That partially explains why we only had 3 regular practices with everyone in attendance.)

*The slapping, kissing, punching, sets falling, gunshots, hoop skirts, flirting, and craziness appealed to teenagers as well as adults. 

*The kids got a lot of kudos from family and friends.  

State testing at the beginning of the week, the show at the end of the week, and the clock change???  I guess if we cram it all into one week, the rest of the year should be smooth sailing!

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