Monday, April 16, 2012


April is crazy for a lot of reasons.

We'll start with the weather.  I think our state had over 90 tornadoes on Saturday night.  It made for a lot of exciting Proms spent in storm shelters.  I think the newscasters were on air for about 20 hours straight.  (Some of us were trying to figure out when they ate or went to the bathroom.)  They have to be exhausted.  Fortunately, there were no deaths reported. 

For teachers, April is the month of FFA contests, tennis, golf, track, baseball, and softball.  Students are gone from classes every afternoon.  Throw in journalism kids competing in state contests, music competitions for choir and band, and field trips in many classes; it would be easier to keep track of who is in class rather than who is absent.

This week is our Honor's Night for seniors.  We give out departmental awards, scholarships, and other honors.  It is a nice event, but it lasts for a couple of hours.

Tiny Town High's Prom is this weekend.  Juniors will spend Friday decorating.  The school almost buzzes with excitement.

Somewhere in all this mess, I'm still trying to teach. (Keeping track of makeup work is a nightmare.)

Thank goodness the end is in sight.  If this was how we started the year, I'm not sure any of us would make it!

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Katie @Can't Get There said...

So glad you made it through the storms unscathed! I was thinking of you guys and sending up some prayers!