Sunday, April 29, 2012

For Your Reading Pleasure

I have been gone for most of the weekend, but I want to share a couple of blogs that you might enjoy.  (That, and they are or were my students, and I am pretty proud of them.)

The first one is a current sophomore at Tiny Town High.  She started this blog last fall, and boy has it taken off.  This is a reading blog for young adults.  She has authors sending her books to review and even guest authoring on her blog.  Even though our reading tastes aren't identical, I am quite proud of her.  To top it off, she has been selected to spend her final two years of school at a college, earning her high school degree and two years of college credit at the same time.  Is this an opportunity for English students?  No.  This is a math and science opportunity.  Shelb's is not your typical sophomore.  Check out The Haunted Rose.

The next blog belongs to a former student.  She is beautiful, witty, and maybe a tad eccentric.  You think she is your typical 20 something with her beautiful wedding, travel, career, and home photos.  And then, she shares her crazy frugal side and her husband who besides being a conservationist of rain water, raises bees, and has taken cheese making classes.  Throw in a chocolate lab named Sherman, plant them in the heart of Big City, and you have a blog that is just a lot of fun to read.  Check out The Coffeehouse.  (By the way, Tiff and her big sister Jen are family friends.  In fact, Jen, Tiff, K, and L have been friends since high school days, and I worked with all of them when I was their cheer sponsor.  For another post I have written about the sister friends you can check here. L and Tiff are the little sisters.  K and Jen are the big sisters who not only share a wedding anniversary, but have babies just a couple of weeks apart.) 

I like finding new blogs.  I especially like finding new blogs when I know the bloggers.  That they are or were my students is just icing on the cake! 


thecoffeehouse said...

Oh Mrs. E ... you are too sweet! Thanks for the shout out! There's nothing quite like having the teacher who taught you how to write read your writings. EEK! :)

The Haunted Rose said...

:) your too awesome Mrs. E! Lov ya too!

Relyn said...

I visited them all. Doesn't it feel great to have the evidence in front of you - the fruit of your labors, so to speak?