Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

I arrived home at about 1:30 last night.  So much to blog.  Many pictures to share. 

All in good time. 

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Beth said...

Welcome Home! I'm facing my last week of school. Tues. is finals for odd classes; Wed. is for even, and Thurs. is for make-up. It's open-campus: students only show up for finals. However, if they ride the bus and have to stay the entire school day, they have to go to their classes whether that teacher is having a final or not. I am NOT--despise them. I have learned to be creative in getting a grade for them without actually having them. :>)
Friday is the teachers' last day. I'm grading poetry projects today.

We were unable to use the TKMB project of yours, but I hope to next year--there just wasn't enough time left.