Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bike Riding

I dug out the bike a couple of days ago.  I haven't ridden much during the last couple of years, so I am trying to ride every day.

My biking legs are out of shape.
Whatever protective callouses I had are gone.  Saddle sore!  Where is that gel seat anyway?
My bike didn't magically grow a kickstand.  Darn it.  Poor thing rests on her side a lot.
She could use a tune up.  (Brakes, chain, a kickstand, etc.)
I could use a tune up.

I love the fact that it is always cooler riding a bike than walking or running.  Until you get off...!
My hair doesn't have to be clean under the helmet.
If I ride fast enough, no one need know that I'm not wearing makeup.
If I ride fast enough, no one will notice that I need to shave my legs.
There's nothing like riding down a big hill with the wind in my hair.

In order to go downhill, you usually have to go up hill.
Wheat farmers are crazy this time of year.  High alert riding!
I need a new helmet.  I'm pretty sure 15 years is past the expiration date.
Our house on Easy Street sits at the top of the hill.  Every ride ends with a hill, unless I decide not to come home.  *sigh*

The Mr. has been know to provide a pretty good sag wagon when needed.
He insists I take my cell phone, so I could always call him...!  
If I'm really not in bike shape (I'm not!), I can hop off and push the bike for the last 100 yards.  I may be doing that until August at this rate.

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Mary said...

We have a lot of hills around here, so it's impossible to go anywhere without having to go up a hill! Which is one reason my bike doesn't see the light of day very often! :)