Saturday, June 2, 2012

West Point Graduation

 A week ago today, I was at West Point for the WP Nephew's Graduation.  After being rained on the entire time we were in NYC, graduation day was sunny and beautiful.

Arriving early was a priority.  Vice President, Joe Biden, was the graduation speaker and security was tight.

We sat sweating in the stands, working on our tans for quite awhile.  It was hot.  Besides buying a lot of water, Dad and I both bought West Point hats to shade our faces.  By the looks of my nose, it was only partially successful.
When the Class of 2012 came marching in, that line of gray was pretty impressive.  The music, Vice President Biden's speech, and the ceremony were all quite moving.
I'm so glad that I went to see the graduation.  I doubt I'll ever see anything quite like it again.  Afterwards, we managed to find the nephew in the crowd.
I had to get one of the last pictures of the nephew in gray.  Pretty handsome guy.
These two are the only grandsons in a gaggle of girls on my side of the family.  Only seven months apart, they have always been really good friends.  I wish you could have seen me taking this picture.  I think I was balancing a couple of drinks and trying to snap this shot with my phone.  They DO indulge their aunt, don't they?!

After the official ceremony, there was one last official thing to do:  the commissioning of the 2nd Lieutenant.

My dad's first cousin wanted to attend graduation at West Point.  A former officer himself, he could administer the oath.  He did such a nice job that this private family ceremony left me wiping tears, and I don't think I was the only one.
His mom and dad pinned on his bars while little sister looked on with the American flag.  
West Point nephew had a lot of proud family. Grandpa and Grandma B, his siblings, and three of his cousins were in attendance.  
From now on, the 2nd Lieutenant will be in army blue.  
Three generations of the men of the family
I'm pretty proud of this guy. 
And now he's going to learn how to fly helicopters.
Well, after five weeks of splitting his time between the farm and the Big City, 
then he's off to pilot helicopters.
I imagine that his aunt won't be the only one praying.


Anonymous said...

Okay~so I read your blog earlier this AM and had to get back on and take a break from cleaning because all I could think about was how in "An Officer and A Gentleman" when Mayo graduated after all that hard, hard work.....he had NO family there to celebrate with. Cousin H is so very, very loved and lucky to have had such a cheering crowd present.....not to mention all of us cheering for him from afar! xoxoxox JKO

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed the pictures of your trip and the West Point graduation. I absolutely love the picture of your dad, brothers and nephews!
Many, many times I have had tears streaming down my face as daughter K participated in military events. My (new) goal is to be present when she promotes (her two promotions have been while in Kuwait and Guam). Cousin BJB

Mary said...

My in-laws live in the place he's going to learn to fly. FIL used to be a safety officer at that post. Let me know if he needs a local for anything! :)

holybovine said...

Such a handsome man and great photos. Should I recognize that 2nd cousin performing the commissioning ceremony? Email or FB if I should. So glad you got to attend.